Frequently Asked Questions

Clients sometimes have questions. Our FAQ hopefully will have some answers.
Please send in any questions you would like us to publish on our website.
1I think I have an electrical issue, what should I do next?
If you have an electrical issue, you should; • Check the fuse box to ensure that all the fuses are up • If you have a top-up meter for your electricity, make sure that there is credit on there • Check the UK Power Networks website to check for any power cuts in the area
2I have a query about my furniture, who do I contact?
If your property was furnished when you moved in, after 28 days it becomes the tenant’s responsibility to replace or repair the furniture. Tenants must contact the office if they wish to remove any furniture.
3I have a gas issue, what do I do?
If you have a top-up meter for your gas, make sure that there is credit on the meter then follow the instructions below; • Check that the gas valve near the meter is set to open • Call the office on 07464 735 921 with this information

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